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Example of Cashback Savings

Service Purchase Price Cashback Offer (%) Total Cashback
Catering $30,000 5% $1,500.00
Engagement Ring $7,000 5% $350.00
Wedding Rings $1,500 5% $75.00
Florist $3,000 10% $300.00
Wedding Gown $2,500 5% $125.00
Bridesmaid/Dresses $2,000 5% $100.00
Photography $3,000 10% $300.00
Video $1,500 10% $150.00
DJ/Band $4,000 5% $200.00
Ceremony/Cocktail Music $500 5% $25.00
Limousines $2,500 5% $125.00
Tuxedos $800 10% $80.00
Honeymoon $5,000 5% $250.00
Registry $4,000 5% $200.00
Invitations $800 10% $80.00
Favors $1,000 10% $100.00
Hotel rooms/Guests $1,500 5% $75.00
Salon and Makeup $600 5% $30.00
Bridal Shower $1,500 10% $150.00
Rehearsal Dinner $2,000 5% $100.00
Misc $1,000 10% $100.00


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