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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We are Personal Touch Photography & Videography. We’re a family run service and take great pride in all we provide.  Taking only one affair a day we are there for you and only you that day. There are no hourly rates. It is a full day of coverage starting with the bride getting ready, ceremony, and throughout your reception. All work is done by Jonathan (my son) and myself (Chip). We are well established and I actually travel the country on behalf of Canon Cameras, shooting, speaking, and running a stage show at national conventions. We offer everything from the simple to the extreme including photos burnt to disk and video converted to DVD as well as large handcrafted leather library-bound albums and fully edited videos on Blu-ray.

We’d like to offer a few tips that may be helpful in choosing your photographer and videographer.

When going to a photo/video studio the first thing is to be happy with their work.  An expensive price doesn’t always mean great work as an inexpensive price will not always mean shoddy work. Always know who photographed the images as well as who videotaped the day. REALLY! ! ! Be sure to meet with the photographer and/or videographer who will be with you on your special day.  You will be with your photographer and videographer longer than anyone throughout your wedding day.

Ask who designs the albums and what input will you have.  Also who is the video editor? Is there more than one person?  “Who did the work that I’m looking at??” Be certain the work you see is the work you’ll get.

Please try not to settle for a cheap price on anything having to do with your wedding if you have doubts about the work! If there are doubts in the beginning, chances are the results will not be acceptable. If you like someone’s work try to come up with a price that is fair to both you and the vendor. Sometimes it’s smarter to have fewer images in an album than to be left without any images you’re happy with and then needing to choose , say, 120 for your album.  Then the bargain isn’t a bargain any longer and it’s too late to correct it.  Your wedding day happens only once.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping and Congratulations again from Personal Touch Photography and Videography.

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