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Owners Christopher and Sheryl Cappelli have been in the flower business for over 20 years. They opened their first retail shop in Roslyn, Long Island New York back in 1992. Later focusing their talents managing all the floral and event design operations for the Milleridge Inn caterers of Jericho, Long Island, NY.
As the economy was changing, so was the need to take a new look into the floral event and wedding design business. Our focus has become more simplified, creative and competitive as the flower business evolves in an ever changing environment.

Simply Elegant Floral Decorators

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We are Simply Elegant Floral Decorators. We specialize in creating the most beautiful Wedding andParty decorations, from your engagement party to your post wedding party. With 40 plus years ofexperience we guide you through the process of choosing the best flowers and decorations to bringyour vision to life. Planning you wedding should be an easy and stress free experience. Here at SimplyElegant we make your dreams come true. So when your flowers absolutely positively have to be perfect, choose Simply Elegant Floral Decorators.

When planning your wedding there are several areas of decorations to consider;
Decorations for the home/hotelPersonal flowers for the bridal party and familiesDecorations for the ceremonyReception flowers

Once you have chosen when and where you would like to have your reception, you have to decide if youare going to have your ceremony at the reception hall, church or elsewhere.

Generally speaking the time of year and reception hall décor will determine the style and type ofdecorations that you choose. Also the color/colors of the bridal party gowns determine, to a degree,what style and colors flowers you choose. Keep in mind the colors and flowers your bridal party carrieshas nothing to do with the style and colors of you decorations for the reception hall. The flowers thebridal party carries accent the gowns, the colors and style of the decorations accent the reception hall.

If you are going to have your ceremony at the reception hall, check with them to see if any decorationsare included in the chapel fee; canopy/chuppa aisle arrangements, rose petals down the aisle, etc.Some halls do and some don’t. If you are having the ceremony elsewhere you will need to provide yourown decorations. Also see if they decorate the place card table and if they provide any decorations forthe cocktail hour.

Finally we come to the main reception room. Again, the décor of the room will determine to someextent how you decorate the tables. What is the style of the room? Do they use round tables, ovaltables or even rectangular or square tables? Are the ceilings very high? Are there windows? All thesefactors will determine the style and size of your table arrangements, as well as the look that you aretrying to create. Do you want to do a table arrangement that is raised off the table or do you want to stay low on the table. You never want to do a table arrangement at eye level, this will block your guest’sline of sight and conversation.

Your floral decorator will guide you through the process of make these choices and allot more. I wishyou all congratulations and best of luck.
Richard Biancavilla
Simply Elegant Floral Decorators


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