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Crossing Midnight Entertainment believes that entertainment is one of the most talked about things in an event and we take pride in that. We believe that not only is talent, knowledge of music expected BUT the energy and delivery plays a big part in entertainment. We stay true to form of the music while projecting an energy that makes your guests want to dance and have a great time. Our musicians, DJ’s and entertainers truly love what they do and it shows.

Crossing Midnight Entertainment

Crossing Midnight Entertainment is your best choice for music and photography services for all occasions. We provide entertainment for events with DJs and live bands. We have everything needed to throw the event of a lifetime. Hire a highly rated professional and reliable team that provides the best sound quality.
Crossing Midnight Entertainment encompasses a variety of entertainment services and products for weddings, private parties and events. Included are live bands, Entertainers, Photographers and DJ’s. Each of our musicians, DJs, and entertainers are well trained in various genres of music (including Classical, Swing, Big Band, Ballroom, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Reggae, Classic Rock, Disco, Contemporary, Top 40 and Hip-Hop).

Delivering extraordinary music and entertainment via the highest level of professionalism, Crossing Midnight Entertainment is dedicated to surpassing any expectations this industry has experienced thus far! How is this possible? Crossing Midnight Entertainment challenges all who find themselves amongst the world of music and leisure to time after time provide the highest quality of musical diversion by first adapting to both the needs and wants of its clients and secondly by continuously exceeding clientele expectation.

Marken Music

Our staff and management are REAL musicians that play instruments. We’re not just button pushers or office managers. We KNOW music and we MAKE music. We’re your best choice to get music for your wedding because we know how to match what you want with what’s available, at the least cost.
Saving money” is the biggest tend. We’re honest in telling you that something you want isn’t really needed. For example, you usually don’t need a DJ AND an emcee. A good, professional DJ can do both. Why pay for 2 people?

From the Ceremony to the Cocktail Hour to the reception, good music fills in the blanks, helps conversation, puts people at ease and energizes them to have a good time. Our Musicians and DJs are pros at reading the audience and play your requests and the music that makes people happy, gets them dancing, or relaxes them and makes them feel good.
Foremost, we play the types of music clients request. Our detailed questionnaire describes the music you like, songs you want and songs you don’t want. We also play requests. Our vast experience allows us to select several similar songs along with the client’s requests to make a set of songs. It’s like getting $10 when you ask for $5.

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