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Top five Wedding Gift ideas

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- So easy a monkey could do it (in theory)

Weddings can be stressful, not only for the couples getting married, but for their family and friends as well.  The number one stress factor?  The big scary wedding gift of course.  These days wedding forums are rife with stressed out pals spending hours trying to find the perfect trinket to please the new couple.  Generics make great meds, but terrible gifts.  So what to do?

Here are some tips to make things easier:

  1. Ask!   A nice e-mail highlighting the convenience of a gift registry would be great, if the couple hasn’t already mentioned one.
  2. Toughen-up the gift. Be different and surprise the couple with a tough gift like hardware.  (Think Home Depot and Sears)  Giving something like tools can actually be helpful to the couple considering all the fix-it-to-dos around the house after the big day.
  3. A new and innovative service for gifting is called GiftRocket.  PR Daily named it one of the top ‘5 Social Media Tools Catching Fire This Week’ for the week of April 15, 2011.GiftRocket uses search listings from any business or location on Yelp (including restaurants, bars, parks, or even the Washington Monument) to help you send a GiftRocket via phone to anyone. Even if the place itself doesn’t have gift cards, it works.  So this is great for a techie couple on the go that hate carrying gift cards around – a couple that would appreciate using their phone to pay for their next purchase at any of their favorite shops.  No more cards that expire, get stolen, lost of forgotten.  (GiftRocket even lets you watch a monkey use it to show you how easy the service is.)
  4. D.J. Munson, a user on ‘The Art of Manliness’ forum writes “good old fashioned cash is always a nice treat.”  But is it okay?  If you know the bride and groom want to receive cash, or if it’s culturally appropriate, only then cash is totally okay as a gift.  So what’s the right amount?  Alison Bernstein from says if a cash gift is an option, on average the amount should be around $60-$120 per person.  This information was based on the brides and grooms recently polled on  If you’re not sure or if giving cash makes you feel uncomfortable Bernstein says ‘personalize a cash gift with a small item.
  5. What about for the couple that has everything?   Reportedly Australia’s official wedding gift to couple Prince William and Catherine Middleton was a donation in the amount of $25,000 towards The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).  Of course you don’t have to spent $25k.   $60 to $120 per person towards a charity of their choice is sufficient.  At least then you won’t have to wonder if your gift was returned.

Cheers, love and ciao! ^PD


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We wish you the very best of luck and look forward to making your honeymoon dreams come true. ”

Creative Travel International

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Tips for Tuxedo Shopping

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A few tips when shopping for a Tuxedo. Make sure that the store has your tuxedo in stock.  Never just order from a catalog or picture without trying on the tuxedo to ensure proper fit.  Always have a fitting a few days before the wedding so that you have time to make any last minute adjustments. Make sure that the Tuxedo store you are dealing with is reputable and has been in business for many years.


VIP Formals

936 North Broadway
Massapequa, NY 11758


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How to pick a DJ for your wedding?

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Music & Entertainment are two of the most important aspects of your Wedding reception. When picking a DJ Company for your affair make sure they have a great reputation, experience, and specialize in Weddings. They should also have; music of all types from every era, several well spoken & presentable  MC’s & DJ’s to choose from, and be willing to customize the Music & Entertainment specifically to your affair,

Its always good to go see their live performance and also meet with them in their office to get a sense of their personality & to see a demo video.

Be sure to check out the DJ companies reviews online at one of the Wedding websites like THEKNOT.COM, LIWEDDINGS.COM , & WEDDINGWIRE.COM. Make sure they offer Lighting & Live Musicians as well (always a great addition to your DJ package).

Keep in mind your Music & Entertainment should be at least 10% to 15% of your total budget, this will ensure that the quality, talent, and sophistication of your DJ company is appropriate for a Wedding Reception. . Don’t book the cheapest DJ that you find ! You will become painfully aware of this mistake the day of the Wedding…Also, your DJ company should be Licensed and Insured, and willing to meet with you as many times as it takes to create the perfect Wedding Day for you and your quests. The Music sets the tone and the mood at your affair, and the right DJ & MC will create an atmosphere of celebration & joy for you and your guests, in the style that you envisioned…….

….Congratulations on your engagement..!!..

Article by Ray from Variety Music

Variety Music………for the Celebration of a Lifetime !!!

631-424-0440 / 516-922-2299


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