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“From modest beginnings over 20 years ago, Creative Travel International of Melville, NY (631-424-1000) has grown to be a dominant factor in the travel industry on Long Island.  Creative’s growth, while mostly accomplished by word-of-mouth referrals, also spurted from the acquisitions of Kent Travel, Kings World Travel and Three Harbor Travel, all previously located on the Nassau/ Suffolk county line. Our travel agents all have 20 years plus experience in the travel industry and know all travel destinations like the “back of their hands”. We are an American Express Travel Services Representative agency and this extra “clout” permits us to obtain steep discounts and offer optons that are just not available without our assistance. With American Express as our backbone, your funds and vacation plans are safe and secure. Our reputation for service excellence, best pricing and destination knowledge is unmatched.

When you attempt to ”surf the net” and book on-line, you are alone.  No one for advice, no one to ask questions and no one (but yourself) to get help if your vacation dreams are being ruined. Our travel helpline for booked travelers is open 24/7 for emergencies with a “live” person who is eager to help. As we charge no fee for our expertise and assistance, it does not make any sense not to illicit the help of true travel professionals. Whether your honeymoon plans include just a fast get-a-way, a detailed European itinerary, a fabulous cruise, a Disney vacation, a fun-filled all-inclusive resort vacation or a destination honeymoon to Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean or elsewhere, we’re just a friendly phone call away.  To “Get The Ball Rolling”, please feel free to call one of our honeymoon specialists…Elena Auricchio, Leah Katz or Susan Stechler.

We wish you the very best of luck and look forward to making your honeymoon dreams come true. ”

Creative Travel International

900 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747


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Tips for Tuxedo Shopping

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A few tips when shopping for a Tuxedo. Make sure that the store has your tuxedo in stock.  Never just order from a catalog or picture without trying on the tuxedo to ensure proper fit.  Always have a fitting a few days before the wedding so that you have time to make any last minute adjustments. Make sure that the Tuxedo store you are dealing with is reputable and has been in business for many years.


VIP Formals

936 North Broadway
Massapequa, NY 11758


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VIP Formals

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VIP Formals has been in the Tuxedo Business for over 41 years.  Located in Massapequa on Long Island, we cater to grooms in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York City.

We will fit you to look your best and can accommodate your tuxedo needs from a Boys size 3  to a Mens size 72. We also carry Huskies, Portly’s and Mens business suits for rentals.

VIP Formals

936 North Broadway
Massapequa, NY 11758


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Sincerely Yours Events and Custom Invitations

Details create the necessary touches that make your day memorable. You set the stage beginning withyour Save the Date cards. Include a beautiful custom monogram or design element that makes it yoursalone. Follow it with the perfectly coordinated Wedding Invitation that reflects all the elements youenvision.

For example, a unique custom monogram will make it yours alone, and including the designthroughout your wedding allows for a cohesive look that brings it all together.

Incorporate these design elements, along with your colors and theme, onto your Menu and GuestSeating Cards, custom embellished Signature Cocktail Cards, Custom Cocktail Napkins and TableNumbers. The final touches may also include our large selection of Crystal Cake Monograms, WeddingCard Boxes, and a beautiful selection of Favors to thank your guests for being a part of your special day,all with your custom design.
Make the ordinary into something extraordinary…with Tammy Cunningham and
Sincerely YoursEvents, Inc. and Custom Invitations.

Call today for your complimentary consultation at 631.567.7970.
Convenient evening and Saturday studio appointments available.
With so many design choices, let Sincerely Yours Events, Inc. and Custom Invitations show you how to bring all those ideas together perfectly beginning with our complimentary design consultation. For over a decade, Tammy Cunningham has providedher signature “platinum level” of service and expertise to assist hundreds of brides to be in finding the perfect solution to alltheir wedding needs. Full Service Planning and Ala Carte Services, Seating Charts and Rentals.

Ask about our Sincerely SweetsCouture Dessert Tables and Candy Buffets.

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Simply Elegant Floral Decorators

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We are Simply Elegant Floral Decorators. We specialize in creating the most beautiful Wedding andParty decorations, from your engagement party to your post wedding party. With 40 plus years ofexperience we guide you through the process of choosing the best flowers and decorations to bringyour vision to life. Planning you wedding should be an easy and stress free experience. Here at SimplyElegant we make your dreams come true. So when your flowers absolutely positively have to be perfect, choose Simply Elegant Floral Decorators.

When planning your wedding there are several areas of decorations to consider;
Decorations for the home/hotelPersonal flowers for the bridal party and familiesDecorations for the ceremonyReception flowers

Once you have chosen when and where you would like to have your reception, you have to decide if youare going to have your ceremony at the reception hall, church or elsewhere.

Generally speaking the time of year and reception hall décor will determine the style and type ofdecorations that you choose. Also the color/colors of the bridal party gowns determine, to a degree,what style and colors flowers you choose. Keep in mind the colors and flowers your bridal party carrieshas nothing to do with the style and colors of you decorations for the reception hall. The flowers thebridal party carries accent the gowns, the colors and style of the decorations accent the reception hall.

If you are going to have your ceremony at the reception hall, check with them to see if any decorationsare included in the chapel fee; canopy/chuppa aisle arrangements, rose petals down the aisle, etc.Some halls do and some don’t. If you are having the ceremony elsewhere you will need to provide yourown decorations. Also see if they decorate the place card table and if they provide any decorations forthe cocktail hour.

Finally we come to the main reception room. Again, the décor of the room will determine to someextent how you decorate the tables. What is the style of the room? Do they use round tables, ovaltables or even rectangular or square tables? Are the ceilings very high? Are there windows? All thesefactors will determine the style and size of your table arrangements, as well as the look that you aretrying to create. Do you want to do a table arrangement that is raised off the table or do you want to stay low on the table. You never want to do a table arrangement at eye level, this will block your guest’sline of sight and conversation.

Your floral decorator will guide you through the process of make these choices and allot more. I wishyou all congratulations and best of luck.
Richard Biancavilla
Simply Elegant Floral Decorators


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Personal Touch Photography and Videography

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We are Personal Touch Photography & Videography. We’re a family run service and take great pride in all we provide.  Taking only one affair a day we are there for you and only you that day. There are no hourly rates. It is a full day of coverage starting with the bride getting ready, ceremony, and throughout your reception. All work is done by Jonathan (my son) and myself (Chip). We are well established and I actually travel the country on behalf of Canon Cameras, shooting, speaking, and running a stage show at national conventions. We offer everything from the simple to the extreme including photos burnt to disk and video converted to DVD as well as large handcrafted leather library-bound albums and fully edited videos on Blu-ray.

We’d like to offer a few tips that may be helpful in choosing your photographer and videographer.

When going to a photo/video studio the first thing is to be happy with their work.  An expensive price doesn’t always mean great work as an inexpensive price will not always mean shoddy work. Always know who photographed the images as well as who videotaped the day. REALLY! ! ! Be sure to meet with the photographer and/or videographer who will be with you on your special day.  You will be with your photographer and videographer longer than anyone throughout your wedding day.

Ask who designs the albums and what input will you have.  Also who is the video editor? Is there more than one person?  “Who did the work that I’m looking at??” Be certain the work you see is the work you’ll get.

Please try not to settle for a cheap price on anything having to do with your wedding if you have doubts about the work! If there are doubts in the beginning, chances are the results will not be acceptable. If you like someone’s work try to come up with a price that is fair to both you and the vendor. Sometimes it’s smarter to have fewer images in an album than to be left without any images you’re happy with and then needing to choose , say, 120 for your album.  Then the bargain isn’t a bargain any longer and it’s too late to correct it.  Your wedding day happens only once.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping and Congratulations again from Personal Touch Photography and Videography.

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How to pick a DJ for your wedding?

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Music & Entertainment are two of the most important aspects of your Wedding reception. When picking a DJ Company for your affair make sure they have a great reputation, experience, and specialize in Weddings. They should also have; music of all types from every era, several well spoken & presentable  MC’s & DJ’s to choose from, and be willing to customize the Music & Entertainment specifically to your affair,

Its always good to go see their live performance and also meet with them in their office to get a sense of their personality & to see a demo video.

Be sure to check out the DJ companies reviews online at one of the Wedding websites like THEKNOT.COM, LIWEDDINGS.COM , & WEDDINGWIRE.COM. Make sure they offer Lighting & Live Musicians as well (always a great addition to your DJ package).

Keep in mind your Music & Entertainment should be at least 10% to 15% of your total budget, this will ensure that the quality, talent, and sophistication of your DJ company is appropriate for a Wedding Reception. . Don’t book the cheapest DJ that you find ! You will become painfully aware of this mistake the day of the Wedding…Also, your DJ company should be Licensed and Insured, and willing to meet with you as many times as it takes to create the perfect Wedding Day for you and your quests. The Music sets the tone and the mood at your affair, and the right DJ & MC will create an atmosphere of celebration & joy for you and your guests, in the style that you envisioned…….

….Congratulations on your engagement..!!..

Article by Ray from Variety Music

Variety Music………for the Celebration of a Lifetime !!!

631-424-0440 / 516-922-2299


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Variety Music is one of Long Islands top Wedding  DJ Entertainment Companies. With over 20 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Variety Music will ensure that your Wedding day will be a great success. Offering DJ’s, MC’s, Live Musicians, Singers, Percussionists, Jazz Trio’s, Steel Drums, Video Screens, Lighting, Special EFX and more.

Variety Music’s staff will meet with you to discuss every aspect of your Wedding day so that everything turns out perfect. Our DJ’s and Entertainers will have you & your guests dancing all night and raving about the affair for months to come!

Variety’s DJ’s & Live Musicians are experienced with all types of Music from every era and will personally tailor the music and entertainment to your affair.  Your Wedding is a “once in a lifetime celebration” and Variety Music will guarantee that it turns out exciting, memorable, and exactly the way you envisioned it….

*Voted “Best of Weddings” on THE KNOT.COM 2010
*Winner “Brides Choice  Award”WEDDINGWIRE.COM 2010
*Rated Best of Long Island in Joan Hamburgs Wedding Guide

We will make your Wedding a Great Success!!!

Variety Music

JOIN BRIDALCASHBACK.COM & then use Variety Music DJ and Earn $$$ in cashback!

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